We offer the following logistical services:


  • Delivery of express mail and small parcels over the world in 1 to 3 working days;
  • Delivery of express mail and small parcels to main European cities on the next working day on a “door-to-door” basis;
  • Export/import of airfreight from/to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania from/to any country of the world. 
  • Export / import by overland transport on the “door-to-door”, “door-to-terminal”, “terminal-to-terminal” basis over the entire Europe, European areas of Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine.  We have a wide network of our delivery agents in these countries;
  • Overland transportation of cargo with complete or partial vehicle load. Transportation of both full and partial (consolidated) cargos can be organized. In case of consolidated transportation, we accept cargos from consolidating warehouses as well as from manufacturer's warehouses;
  • Multimodal (mixed) transportations: mixed deliveries by road, sea, railway or air transport;
  • Sea cargo forwarding;
  • Transportation of dangerous goods (DGR, ADR, HUM, AVI and others);
  • Transportation of frozen and cooled cargoes;
  • Guarded cargo escorting;
  • Delivery of gifts and flowers all over the world by the indicated date and time;
  • Insurance: Upon the client’s inquiry we offer full insurance of delivered goods for the entire period of delivery. Insurance could help to reduce the financial risks connected with transportation and ensure safety of delivered cargo;
  • Customs broker services. We shall help to solve any problem connected with customs questions;
  • Customs warehousing;
  • Warehouse services: Storage, sorting, packing, retail dispatch;

These services include:


  • Pick-up service all over the world with your Account number;
  • Individual approach to each client;
  • Proof of delivery (POD) with details (Surname, date, time) is sent to Consignor by e-mail;
  • Processing and packaging services;
  • Free courier call;
  • Free packaging materials;

Additional services (free of charge):


  • Payment for delivery by the Consignee (by the preliminary request);
  • Waybills filled with the sender’s and receiver’s addresses (for permanent clients);

DKL specialists will do their best to find the most appropriate solution for every client, taking into account any individual needs and expectations!